Solutions and Speciality Products

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Chemicals Flowmeters

POGF Series

Series POGF is a flowmeter made of Glass Reinforced PPS. The POGF is designed to handle clean water based products and aggressive chemicals. The POGF is an oval gear meter, available in DN25 (1") line size and can hanlde capacities from 10 to 150 LPM (2.6 to 40 US GPM). more

High Pressure

Series MOGF

Fluidex has a range of oval gear high pressure flowmeters, which can withstand an operating pressures up to 400 bar (5800 psi)

Fuel Consumption

Fuel Consumption

FLUIDEX compact fuel consumption meters are specifically designed for fuel flow in open and return loop fuel injection systems. They provide accurate instantaneous fuel consumption readings on petrol, diesel and fuel oil fired engines of all sizes. Flow range covered from 2 to 6000 l/h.

Boiler Meter

Boiler Meter

FLUIDEX fuel consumption flow meter is specially designed for boiler packages. The meters is designed with a base footprint which attaches directly to the combustion head and consequently there is no need of external pipes.

Heat Meter


FLUIDEX series UHM40 is an ultrasonic inline energy meter designed to measure the thermal energy in chilled and hot water. The UHM40 is using the ultrasonic principle for flow measurement based on a static flow sensor with no moving parts.  more