About Us

FLUIDEX is an Australian owned company specialized in measurement and control. With over than 20 years of experience working closely with a wide base of customers in different industries, FLUIDEX is now capable to offer complete technical measurement and control solutions adapted to customers' applications and requirements.

Flow Measurement and Control

FLUIDEX range of flowmeters consists of highly engineered flow measurement instruments suitable for a wide range of applications involving clean liquids. FLUIDEX range includes positive displacement meters such as the oval gear and piston in addition to velocity meters such as the paddle wheel and turbine meters.

FLUIDEX Flowmeters are used in various industries such as petroleum and additives, water and irrigation, food and pharmaceutical, ink and paint, and many others... FLUIDEX covers the need of wide range of operating conditions including High Pressures, High Temperatures and High Viscosities.

Registers and Controllers

Range of registersFLUIDEX  registers / indicators are either electronic or mechanical (used with Series MOGF and Series LOGF).

The electronic registers can either be integral or remote and have various capabilities starting from  the very basic, which can just read the flow rate and totals than comes the registers with control capabilities with various types of ouput signals (analog, pulse,...etc.) and finally the batch controllers. Electronic registers can -optionally- be Exd proof and Intrinsically Safe (I.S.).

Featured Meters

Meters for:

High Pressures
High Temperatures
High Viscosities
High corrosive chemicals

All Available in:

High Quality
High Accuracy

High Pressure FlowmetersFLUIDEX has special range of speciality meters that include positive displacement meters designed for medium and high pressure installations up to 400 bar (5800 psi). In addition, FLUIDEX turbine meter has a high pressure version up to 250 bar (3650 psi)

FLUIDEX has also a range of plastic flowmeters designed for use with corrosive chemicals.

Further information about FLUIDEX special products can be checked in the speciality meters page.

Level Measurement and Control

FLUIDEX level measurement and control meters uses various technologies including non contact sensors such as the ultrasonic and radar and contact sensors including various types of float used as level switches or transmitters including capacitance, pressure and others.


FLUIDEX provides a wide range of complete solutions for measurement and control. Our solutions are adapted to suit each case and application. If required, FLUIDEX can supply a complete system including measurement instrumemts, controllers, valves and pumps.

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